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Genres: Drama , Biography
Actors: Marty Ronaghan , Jacey Mah , Ernie Hudson , Gerrick Winston , Brandon Smith , Aaron Grain , Melissa De Sousa , Pete Seadon , C.J. Jackman-Zigante , Patricia Benedict , James Dugan , Jerry Callaghan , Griffin Cork , Judith Buchan , Matthew Perry
Director: Randa Haines
Country: Canada, United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (4500 votes)

1998. Ron Clark, still relatively early in his career, leaves his stable life teaching at an elementary school in his suburban North Carolina hometown, the school where he is appreciated by both his fellow teachers and his students for his innovative teaching methods which results in raising test scores. Instead, he decides to look for a teaching job at a tough New York inner city school where he feels he can be more useful. He eventually finds a job at Inner Harlem Elementary School, where the students are segregated according to their potential. As Clark is white and “nice” looking, Principal Turner wants to assign him to the honors class, especially as Turner’s job security depends on good test scores. Clark, however, wants to take the most disadvantaged class. He quickly learns that it will be a battle of wills between himself and his disruptive students to see who can outlast the other. But he also learns that he has to understand them, both individually and collectively, on their level to be able to get through to them before he can teach them the standardized materials. But even the best laid plans can be turned askew by unforeseen events, such as illness and the behavior of others outside of his control. And he has to overcome the self-fulfilling prophecy of failure to instill a sense of worth within the students. Through it all, he is supported by Marissa Vega, the beautiful waitress at the restaurant where he works part-time.

Film Review

I must admit that I saw that movie "with one eye", while eating dinner, and I thought that it would be some next typical average TV-film, i.e. a stupid comedy about a funny school-teacher. I was really surprised. "The Ron Clark Story" proved to be a quite nice piece of acting, with a lot of interesting moments. If for you Matthew Perry will always be Chandler Bing, you are certainly right, but – despite of that – he was very suitable for that movie. Do not be afraid, since it is not some comedy like "Kindergarten Cop". It is a biographical drama, about a man who wants to do something good for some other people and does it with unconventional methods. For these reasons, I find to be really worthy of recommendation.

If you watched this movie with a critical eye about the acting abilities of any of the cast, you totally missed the point of the story. It was never meant to be The Crying Game or C.S.I. It was meant to show how kids can change if they believe in themselves enough…and how a teacher can turn him/herself around if he/she believes enough.Matthew Perry did an excellent job portraying Mr. Clark, through his struggles and successes, and was never out of place….well, besides when he was jumping rope with the kids 🙂 Any teacher who has ever felt like giving up needs to watch this movie. And any teacher who watches the kids who recognize that they have(or have had) their own Tyshawn and Shameika, no matter how many non-teachers see it as a stereotype. Bottom line. Great movie! And a TRUE feel-good story.

The first time i saw this movie was in school and it was very entertaining. if you enjoy Matthew perry than watch this although unlike friends the whole nine yards and the whole ten yards his role in this movie is very serious. but there are some funny parts where Matthew perry is being Matthew perry. this film believe it or not is based on a true story and has a delightful and happy ending. the film is about a teacher named Ron Clark who wants to teach a class that went through 6 count them 6 teachers before winter break and plans to turn these kids from bad students to good students. i recommend this movie to have a really good time.warning: if you are uncomfortable with child abusement than you might be skeptikal about watch this movie because there is a scene of child abusement maybe 2 rated PG for violence and profanity 1hr 30min/90min****/****


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