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Genres: Drama , Family , Romance
Actors: Hayley Mills , Jane Wyman , Richard Egan , Karl Malden , Nancy Olson , Adolphe Menjou , Donald Crisp , Agnes Moorehead , Kevin Corcoran , James Drury , Reta Shaw , Leora Dana , Anne Seymour , Edward Platt , Mary Grace Canfield
Director: David Swift
Country: United States
Year: 1960
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (4461 votes)

A little girl comes to a town that is embattled by feuds and intimidated by her aunt. By the time she must leave, she has transformed the community with her indominatable will to see the good side of even the worst situations and bring it out for the betterment of all.

Film Review

A period piece that boasts about "The Glad Game?" Ready to tune out? So was I, until I got what was happening. This movie is profound, not only in its execution of story, but in the relevant, lovely message it naturally brings, as opposed to the message it sells. I’ve viewed it 5 times and each time, I am newly informed as to how I can adjust my attitude for a better way of life. I come from a school of thought where sunny is ridiculed and message movies are tedious, so the lead is an obvious target of disdain. Stay with Pollyanna awhile and watch her reform all the bitter, crusty malcontents on the planet into fans with a straightforward logic and uncanny point of view. A true heroine.

Toothy Hayley Mills portrays an orphan girl who comes to stay with her stand-offish aunt (Jane Wyman) in a small 1912 town and manages to change almost everybody’s life. This overlong film is technically competent, with good costumes, period flavor, etc., but is brought down by overly sweet and all-too-predictable situations. Richard Egan is brought in solely as a love interest for the never-married Wyman character, Karl Malden is annoying and over-acts as a pompous preacher, while Nancy Olson is pretty and charming as a maid (and on the DVD documentary has hardly aged at all). Wyman, an astonishingly good actress, deserves better than this drivel. The picture has an ending that has to be seen to be (dis)believed.


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