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Genres: Drama , War
Actors: Ida Kaminska , Jozef Króner , Hana Slivková , Martin Hollý , Adam Matejka , Frantisek Zvarík , Mikulás Ladizinský , Martin Gregor , Alojz Kramar , Gita Misurová , Frantisek Papp , Helena Zvaríková , Tibor Vadas , Eugen Senaj , Luise Grossová
Director: Ján Kadár , Elmar Klos
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1965
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (4576 votes)

Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him to take over the Jewish widow Lautman’s little shop for sewing material. She is old and confused and thinks that he is only looking for employment and hires him. The odd couple begin to like each other. But some time later the authorities decide that the Jews must leave the city. What should he do with the old lady? Written by Mattias Thuresson In 1942, in a small town in Czechoslovakia, the poor carpenter Tony Brtko is assigned “Aryanizator” of a small shop on the main street by his fascist brother-in-law Mark Kolkotsky. His greedy wife Evelyn is seduced with the promise of fortune, but Tony finds that the store owned by the deaf and senile seventy year-old widow Rozalie Lautmann is bankrupted and the old lady is financially supported by the Jewish community that promises a salary to him to help her. Tony befriends Ms, Lautmann and helps her in the store and repairs her furniture, and lures his wife with his salary. When the Jews are expelled from the town by the fascist, Tony decides to help the old lady.

Film Review

I'll skip over the story and the themes. Other commenters have said wonderful things about that.Let's talk visuals.I just have to say I was blown away by almost every single shot of the movie. The black and white color looks gorgeous, and the indoor shots have lots of shadows and texture. The outdoor shots seem overexposed, brilliant, artificial and almost unbearable. The criterion version just looks superlative.Watch the dinner scene at the start where the man's brother in law is getting drunk with Tony. They are yelling, and having a time, and the camera dives/sweeps/rapidly turns around and falls. It conveys the dizzying nature of the conversation. The outdoor scenes in the first half of the movie have lots of bustle and activity, with lots of turns and shifts of perspective. People will remember the historical themes, but please don't overlook the amazing cinematography (which rightfully doesn't call attention to itself but enhances the emotional impact of ever…

Obchod na korze is a story of a simple man in a complex times. The time I am talking about is the WW II period when Hitler was exterminating Jews from Europe. This movie although not dealing much with the scenes from Jews struggle depicts a powerful story which shows us how some European civilians were with Hitler and how they helped him in his mission. Again this movie doesn't show all this as a main plot but indirectly like how the villagers submissively throws Jews out, takes their stores, and how they talk. This all gives us a little peak at the psyche of the people at that time but the movie doesn't overbear itself with such psychic and doesn't turn into a melodramatic, tissue grabber one, but depicts one man who is simple, not with any complications and who is not Jew takes into a Jewish old woman's store but with the help of others keep the old lady working in the store by not letting other anti-Jew know about the situation. I won't reveal much here but the …

Words can hardly do justice to this gem. Understated cinematic grandeur, ultimate moral subtlety, acting without pair in the annals of movie history, philosophical and ethical depth without sententiousness . . . should I invent new superlatives to describe this indescribably touching movie?Yes, the movie has to do with the tragedy of Jewish people in the poisoned and poisonous Europe of the WWII period, but the emotional implications go much farther than that. They address human condition in general. It is one of those egregiously few movies which make a "philosopher" out of each of us. . . even if for a minute only. . . even if we only philosophize with our unstoppable tears. I am not one to weep easily at movies, but I defy you to watch this fabulous work of cinema without being touched to the deepest fiber of your soul.Yes, it is that good. One of the very few movies which are better than GREAT MUSIC. Watch it – preferably on the Criterion DVD, the VHS edition leaves a lo…


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